Research on DAPS

Research on DAPS

An important part of our activities is the research on decoupled aquaponics systems. They make it possible to cultivate fish and plants under optimal conditions and to process the water in further stages.

With regard to aquaponics research, we were able to follow the development of an interesting scientific work, which for the first time deals with the system design of a decoupled aquaponics system (DAPS).

The publication
The work “Navigating toward Decoupled Aquaponic Systems: A System Dynamics Design Approach” deals with the question of how a possible system design of a decoupled aquaponics system could look like.

Decoupled aquaponics plants are characterized by the fact that they are operated with 2 or more decoupled circuits. In addition the anaerobic stage via UASB / EGSB bioreactors was also included in the proposal for the plants design. This new design brings some advantages:

  • The individual circuits create the optimal conditions for each culture
  • Better adaptation of the water parameters to the different fish and plant cultures
  • Anaerobic stage in the nutrient treatment via UASB / EGSB, for the additional mineralization of the process water
  • Concentrate the nutrients in the water to achieve a high nutrient density
  • Addition of missing plant nutrients to the aquaponic solution possible

The work is available here free of charge and in full length.

Simplified overview of a Decoupled Aquaponics System (DAPS)
Schematic overview of the complete DAPS (Decoupled Aquaponics System)