Reactors for universities

Reactors for universities

As part of our work for researchers on aquaponics, we have designed mobile UASB / EGSB bio-reactor sets. They were used in scientific experiments at 4 different universities.

The remineralization of the water can hardly be obtained with exclusively aerobic water treatment. Therefore, it is useful to operate an additional anaerobic stage for the mineralization of the water in parallel to the aerobic treatment. Here, so-called UASB / EGSB reactors come into play, which until now have only been used in sewage treatment. They meet completely different requirements. Their purpose in aquaponics is to additionally mineralize the water in the process. Initial research shows that anaerobic treatment of the water provides first-class results regarding the treatment of nutrients. Not far-fetched, because anaerobic processes also belong to what occurs in the sludge layer in the soil below the body of water in nature.

First sketch UASB reactor

Our collaboration in aquaponics research was initially focused mainly on the financing of scientific work and / or employees. We are glad, that we now had the opportunity to prove our practical abilities too. For series of experiments, small UASB / EGSB bioreactors were needed, which are not available on the market in this form. First of all, the abstract flow diagrams and calculations were used to evaluate the various possibilities of implementation.

Schema Bioreaktoren UASB/EGSB
Scheme of UASB / EGSB reactors and treatment

From schematic representation to realization

In the course of the implementation of the plans, many hardwarespecific properties have to be considered, such as distances, freedom of movement, available components, pipe diameters.

The materials to be used were determined in advance. In the end, the classical construction with glass had far more advantages than other materials like acrylic glass. Thus, the reactor sets were realized very much the way aquariums are constructed classically. This is the most robust and by far the longest lasting solution. Before the size of the various components, the pipe lengths et cetera were finally fixed, another drawing of the mounting plate with the components and the piping was prepared. Then the final positions could be defined.


Finished set with UASB and EGSB bioreactor

Since all the reactors in the different universities should carry out the same series of experiments, a further important prerequisite was that the design of all reactors had to be exactly the same. The performance of the installed devices, sizes of the glass bodies et cetera should be exactly the same for all reactors. For this reason, it was taken care that all parts came from the same manufacturers for every reactor set.

All bio-reactor sets were produced in exactly the same way.

The experiments are partly still ongoing and afterwards an extensive evaluation follows. Thus the corresponding publication on the experiments is still in work. As soon as it is available, we will include the link to the publication here.