The aquaponik manufaktur GmbH was foundet in march 2014,
with the purpose to plan build and monitor large scale aquaponics systems.
Later the company scope will be extended to a large variety of aquaponics systems, modules and parts for consumers.

Aquaponic Systems for professional food production (B2B)

To build up our expertise from the very beginning, we started right after the formation of our company with funding a pHd-student in the field of aquaponics. He has already finished some research work, so we could already contribute to scientific publications in the field of aquaponics [2.]
The focus of the research has been on the water treatment methods and also on the system design [3.]

At least we also had the possibility to showcase our practical skills. Four universities placed an order for anaerobic UASB/EGSB bioreactors for the execution of sludge treatment experiments. [4.] This scientific work completes our picture of the building plan, which we, in turn, shape together in collaboration with our research partners and our partners in the different subsections (greenhouse, heating, solar plant, biogas, etc.). [5.]

Based upon our work a innovative system design emerged, that combines lots of positive features:

  • Decoupled Aquaponics System (DAPS) plants and fish have their own circle with optimal conditions
  • Remineralization of water using additional anaerobic water treatment (via UASB/EGSB)
  • multi-level water treatment to solve specific nutrients in sub-cycles
  • Modular design with use of standard solutions (greenhouse, hydroponics, etc.)

Aquaponics ist a sustainable, local and ecologically friendly multitrophic cultivation method. We identified aquaponics close to its breakthrough to a serious
competitor for conventional and organic agriculture. Aquaponics does not only address urgent environmental issues, it is also (including environmental impacts) more efficient than traditional methods. The rise of aquaponics will further be accelerated by foreseeable shortages in the availability of phosphorus and fossile fuels.


We plan to build a 400 squaremeter aquaponics facility for Research, Development and for the us as a showroom to showcase our products.
From the construction, the facility and greenhouse should already consist of the same modules like the professional production facilities which are offered to our customers. In the research section different modules will be tested.

From 2018 ongoing in the research facility the innovative system and modules will be tested 9 months in an extensive test procedure, accompanied by scientific observance and documentation.  Afterwards, the sales and building of the Large Scale Systems can start.

To fund the investment and the operation of this facility together with building up marketing and sales, we are looking for investors to take the next step towards a sustainable production with aquaponics.

Please send your further questions and/or comments to, thank you.

1. To our product page
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3. Paper on Decoupled Aquaponics (DAPS) “Navigating towards Decoupled Aquaponic Systems: A System Dynamics Design Approach, Water, 2016
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