6 Aquaponics Model Systems for School-Workshops

6 Aquaponics Model Systems for School-Workshops

For “Klimaquartier Arrenberg”, we built 6 aquaponics worshop education kits, which will be used in school courses to show processes in nature and the functioning of aquaponics systems.

At the meeting “Aquaponik in NRW” we already reported about, we first met the people from Klimaquartier Arrenberg. The registered society “Aufbruch am Arrenberg” also runs the “Farmbox” aquaponcs system planned aquaponics workshop systems for the education in schools. After the meeting we discussed the possibilities and costs. After the meeting we planned the systems with Pascal Biesenbach, Project Manager at Klimaquartier Arrenberg. Finally we realized 6 identical systems.

Simple Systems which explain aquaponics descriptive
The systems should be  build up in shortest time and be technical as simple as possible. A construction manual explains the steps and the functions of the different modules. The workshop contains theoretical and practical parts. First, the background will be provided, followed by going into the details of the model.

Illustrating natural processes with aquaponics
The system contains fish tank, biofilter and a little dwc-bed. The pump lifts the water from the fishtank into the biofilter. From there it flows through the dwc-bed back into the fishtank. Besides the pump, also aeration for biofilter and dwc is being set up. But these aquaponics systems will not be used over long term. The systems will only be used for educational purposes. Therefore they were being prepared with a basic frame, where the main parts are being attached. In the course of the workshops, the systems are being built in 10 steps and filled with water.

Aquaponik-Workshopanlage für Schulen

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