Large Scale Aquaponics-Systems

With Large Scale Systems we mean aquaponics systems, which produce food on a marketable, profitable and secure basis. Whilst the profitability of an aquaponics system increases with its size,  upwards there is no limits, but the amount of the investment sets a minimum size. We plan build, monitor and maintain the Large Scale Systems together with our partners in research & development.


Aquaponics Systems Modules und Parts for Consumers

Besides the systems for professional food productions, we also build Systems for end consumers. These are still in the planning phase. Starting with small Indoor-Systems, which could replace traditional aquariums, to leaning greenhouses up to a 36sqm stand-alone System in a greenhouse, which can support a four headed family with fish and vegetable from the aquaponics.
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About Aquaponics

About Aquaponics

The term aquaponics stands for a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. It is typically for aquaponics,
that the combined cultures complement each other. Together they form a cycle economy.
Fish cultivation is the nutrient producer, while the plants live on the waste products from the fish culture.


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The aquaponik manufaktur GmbH was founded to plan, build, monitor and maintain aquaponics systems in every possible size. As different the requirements of these systems are for hobbyists and professionals, as different are our solutions.

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The aquaponik manufaktur GmbH was foundet in march 2014,
with the purpose to plan build and monitor large scale aquaponics systems.
Later the company scope will be extended to a large variety of aquaponics systems, modules and parts for consumers.

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aquaponik manufaktur GmbH
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